{"size"=>"29\"", "internal/external"=>"33/38mm", "holes"=>"32h", "ERD"=>"595mm", "color"=>"black", "weight"=>"620g"}
size : 29in
internal/external : 33/38mm
holes : 32h
ERD : 595mm
color : black
weight : 620g
sku: HL2046 | RMHAVX92Z

Halo USA

Halo Vortex 29" Disc Rim

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  • With a generous 33mm internal width, Vortex rims increase tire volume and maximize the available grip on offer
  • Using an asymmetric design, you can equalize spoke tension and build a package that leaves descents in its wake, while cutting down weight where it isn’t needed for energy sapping climbs
  • To compensate for the differences in wall length and strength of an asymmetric design, the wall thicknesses have been proportioned to balance out impact forces equally
  • The Vortex offers offset wheel benefits, without compromise