About Halo USA


Halo started way back in 2000, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since.

Our humble beginning was out of pure frustration, as our progressive riding was limited by the components on offer. We vouched that we would create products that no longer hindered riders, but pushed them. At Halo, we come to work to everyday with this mission in mind.

The athletes we work with everyday embody who we are at Halo. They’re world champions, visionaries and leaders. Our riders provide critical feedback for our products whilst traveling the world, and test everything we create to the highest level. Our riders are family and ambassadors for the sport we love and the brand we are.

Here at Halo 100% of our wheels are hand-built to guarantee attention to detail. This ensures that you are getting a product that deserves to carry our name. Our range of products extends across the genres of riding we love to do, from road racing through to our roots in dirt jumping.