{"model"=>"27.5\" (650b)", "width"=>"2.2\"", "compound"=>"standard", "bead"=>"wire (non-folding)", "type"=>"non-tubeless", "color"=>"black", "weight"=>"900g"}
model : 27.5in (650b)
width : 2.2in
compound : standard
bead : wire (non-folding)
type : non-tubeless
color : black
weight : 900g
sku: HL5325 | TYHAT52K
ean: 5051699052912

Halo USA

Halo Twin Rail II 27.5" Tire

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  • Twin center rails and inverted tread for minimum rolling resistance
  • Multi purpose tire with wide wrap-around tread for traction at hard angles
  • Puncture Protection System for reduced flats
  • Run at lower pressure for hardpack trail use, high pressure for street (85psi)
  • Non-folding and tanwall tires have a 60tpi casing
  • Folding bead tires in black have 120tpi casing