{"size"=>"26\"", "front/rear"=>"rear (HG 8-11sp)", "rim"=>"32H 80mm single wall alloy", "hub"=>"Halo 6D", "axle/spacing (mm)"=>"12x177 TA", "hole"=>"32h", "spoke"=>"double butted", "nipple"=>"brass", "color"=>"black", "weight"=>"1525g"}
size : 26in
front/rear : rear (HG 8-11sp)
rim : 32H 80mm single wall alloy
hub : Halo 6D
axle/spacing (mm) : 12x177 TA
hole : 32h
spoke : double butted
nipple : brass
color : black
weight : 1525g
sku: HL1290 | WHHAT8R7K
ean: 5051699051830

Halo USA

Halo Tundra FatBike Wheels

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  • Tundra wheels are built with black anodized 80mm wide, single wall alloy rims and silky smooth 6D Series Fat hubs
  • 6D hubs feature a positive 30 point, reversed 6-pawl drive system and come supplied with a Shimano compatible 11sp alloy freehub
  • Black stainless steel double butted spokes with red alloy nipples