{"model"=>"GXC", "width"=>"38mm", "bead"=>"folding", "type"=>"tubeless", "color"=>"black", "weight"=>"415g"}
model : GXC
width : 38mm
bead : folding
type : tubeless
color : black
weight : 415g
sku: HL5282 | TYHAGX738F

Halo USA

Halo GXC 700c Tire

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  • The GXC is the most aggressive tire of the range
  • Utilizing closer spaced arrow shaped blocks in the center, rolling resistance is maximized despite a deeper tread depth
  • Arrow shaped blocks in the center direct mud and water down the channels in the tread to keep tread mud free
  • Rearward facing edges on arrow blocks aid grip under acceleration
  • The shoulder tread has been designed around maximum grip
  • A combination of spaced and specifically placed blocks and siping helps the GXC offer enormous grip levels that blur the lines with mountain bike tires
  • Tubeless ready
  • Features a dual compound and puncture protection