{"model"=>"Slink", "speed"=>"1sp", "size"=>"1/8\"", "width"=>"9.2mm", "links"=>"100", "color"=>"chrome"}
model : Slink
speed : 1sp
size : 1/8in
width : 9.2mm
links : 100
color : chrome
sku: GU1711 | CHGUSL8H
ean: 5051699001439

Halo USA

Gusset Slink Half Link Chain

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  • Made entirely from half links, great for Singlespeeds
  • Square riveted pins and heat treated SCM steel plates with breaking strength of 1300Kgf (Standard chain is approximately 850 Kgf)
  • Grind friendly straight outer plate edges are slotted to reduce weight
  • Packaged in a round tin box
  • 360/474g